Who Are You Playing Poker With?

Think for a second about your online presence. Do you play online poker under your own name or a wacky internet pseudonym like WinzALot or Aces99?

The strangely named players at your favorite poker table could be the same poker professionals who wear the World Series of Poker* bracelets and take the huge pots on television. How would you know?

And wouldn’t you love to beat them at their own game using the power of odds? MagicHoldem can give you that power.

MagicHoldem is an online poker odds calculator tool that fits neatly around your poker table and displays real-time odds and statistics while you play. The complex mathematical formula instantly reads room parameters and gives you useful information about your chances of winning and the likelihood a card you need will appear on the flop, the turn, and the river.

Knowing the odds can make you a stronger player. Professional poker players spend years practicing and playing until they can gauge the odds in their heads. You don’t need to waste time and energy when MagicHoldem can give you the same information instantly and accurately. You’ll avoid simple mistakes and be able to bet with confidence, driving weaker players out of the hand and stealing more pots more often.

You can download a free MagicHoldem one hundred hand trial. Use your free trial to play in your favorite poker rooms — you never know who else might be at the table with you.

You could be playing alongside someone who is wearing a World Series of Poker* bracelet and not even know it.

FullTiltPoker sponsors professional poker players like:

  • Andy Bloch
  • Allen Cunningham (2005 Player of the Year)
  • Chris Ferguson (2002 World Series of Poker* Champion)
  • Phil Gordon
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2007 World Series of Poker* champion Jerry Yang plays at FullTiltPoker alongside these big name players. You can use MagicHoldem to help you steal pots from the pros! Imagine telling your friends that you played against poker stars like Phil Gordon or Chris Ferguson… and won.

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  • Daniel Negreanu (2004 Player of the Year)
  • Luca Pagano
  • Victor Ramdin
  • Greg Raymer (2004 World Series of Poker* Champion)
  • Vanessa Rousso